Pet Parents of the Class of 2025

Despite the somewhat grueling nature of DPT school, several students in the class of 2025 have proven that owning a pet while in the program is not only possible, but incredibly welcome company (on most days). Some share stories of coming home to unconditional love and cuddles, others may come home to pure chaos and a vet visit, but none of these pet parents would have it any other way. In their down time, many of these four-legged cuties can be spotted walking campus, enjoying a hike, or frequenting local breweries with their humans. Come midterms, they will be busy comforting their distressed owners, or selflessly distracting said owners by creating far worse things to worry about. Let’s meet some of the honorary members of Regis DPT Class of ‘25:

Parent: Tori Anderson

Pet: Whiskey, age 1; still squats when he pees

Parent: Heather Graeve

Pet: Sadie, age 8; terrified of indoor stairs (outside stairs are fine)

Parent: Dan Baravik

Pet: Bibi, age 7; named after the Prime Minister of Israel (and embodies the persona of a benevolent ruler)

Parent: Eric Thai (middle)

Pet: Lucio, age 6; sports a heart-shaped birthmark on his side because he’s a lover

Parent: Danielle Au

Pet: Wěi, age 3; approximately 5.5 inches (courtesy of Regis-provided measuring tape)

Parent: Allison Smith

Pet: Brandy, age 1; loves to hunt squirrels and climb trees (not 100% sure she’s a dog)

Parent: Alex Dufour

Pet: Millie, age 2; favorite TV show is Paw Patrol

Parent: Daniel Espinoza

Pet: QB, age 4; leader of the household, loves fetch and the movie Bolt

Parent: Sydney Gonzalez

Pet: Turbo, age 3; gets very excited for new toys

Parent: Kayla Dural

Pets: Janet (left), age 6; hates everything, loves violence

Ginger (right), age 6; hates skateboarders and skateboards, loves singing and farting

Parent: Eli Braun

Pets: Sutter (left), age 8; full-weight body slams the door in the morning for breakfast

MoMo (right), age 8 months; once turned the apartment into Chernobyl via atomic fart bombing

Parent: Zak Lew

Pet: Zuko, age 6; “ginormous goofball”

Parent: Sean Burke

Pet: Alfredo, age 9; rescued king from New Mexico

Parent: Jordan West

Pet: Big Mo, age 3; son of two feral cats and expert high-fiver

Parent: Keith McDonough

Pet: Bailey, age 4; whole body vibrates when overstimulated

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