Endorphins Galore: Regis DPT Run Club

What are better de-stressors than exercise, a pint (or two) from one of the various Denver area breweries, and socializing with your friends after a week of classes? Well, why not put all of those together? This past year, Class of 2021’s Jack Corrigan and Michelle Perry spearheaded the start of a weekly run club that meets every Friday at a different brewery. A route is planned that finishes back at the brewery where classmates share a beer and stories from the past week. Here are reasons to join next time:


As most of us know, exercise releases endorphins that can put anyone who has had a long, demanding week in a better mood. In addition, we live in a beautiful and sunny city in Denver, Colorado where the majestic Rockies are always in view and the sun is almost always shining. We run around Sloan’s Lake, along the Cherry Creek and South Platte River, and along the trails of North Table Mountain. If you don’t run, you can walk or hike also! If these reasons aren’t enough for you, let’s move to number 2.


Denver is known as one of the beer capitals in the world, with about 150 breweries in the city alone. They range from the local microbrewery down the street from campus (Goldspot Brewery) to one of the largest breweries in the world (Coors). Some are out near one of the many trail systems (New Terrain Brewery) while others are in the middle of downtown (Denver Beer Company). As you can see, there’s lots of options and still many more we need to try out. If beer isn’t your favorite beverage (even though most breweries have now other options), I think this last reason will get you out.


Aside from sharing the run and beer together, the club has been the time to get the 1st and 2nd year DPT students together as well. We give or hear advice, learn about each other’s journeys to PT school, and plan other adventures for the weekends. It’s easy for the different cohorts to be isolated from each other during the school day as we have different classes and may never see one another other than the occasional passing in the hallways. The run club solves that dilemma as we meet more of the Regis PT community. The great thing about our group of classmates is our diversity. We have people from all around the country with different backgrounds, ages, and experiences.   Learning from and about each other has been the best part.

As you can see, the run club has created an opportunity to get outside, sweat a little bit, enjoy some libations, and enjoy the company of each other. Every type of skill level, pace, and desired distance is welcome. Hope to see you at the next one, whenever it may be. Until then we eagerly await being together again. Cheers! 

Jack Corrigan, Class of 2021


run club 2

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