Congratulations, interviewees!

With 2016 around the corner, interview weekend is almost upon us.  I know I speak for all current students in saying that we can’t wait to meet this year’s prospectives.

For students about to interview, I know it can be a stressful time.  This time last year, I was nervously looking up visa requirements to move to Iceland in the event I blew my interviews and needed to leave the country.  Visa requirements aside, that would have been a bummer–PT school (specifically, of course, at Regis) was the best decision of my life.

We’ve gotten some questions from prospective students, so Lindsay (the Class of 2017 admissions representative) and I compiled these answers to some of the most repeated inquiries.  I hope this may help you pack and assuage any concerns you may have!

And–of course–best of luck, interviewees! My interview weekend at Regis was a fun, relaxing and exciting time; I hope you will feel the same.

Q: Should I bring anything to the interview (pen, portfolio, resume, notepad, etc.)?

A: No need to bring anything.   You will receive a folder and pen at the faculty meet-and-greet at the end of your day, along with other information about Regis and a water bottle.  Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own paper pad and pen, but there’s no need.  I brought one for myself. I liked having a notepad so I could write down questions for the faculty, but it is completely your own preference.  

Q: Are there any questions that stumped you or caught you off guard? What types of interview questions should I expect?

A: Though I don’t remember specific questions, I do remember the feeling I got from the interviews. It seemed like a fluid conversation. In other words, I did not feel like I was being drilled with questions at all.  I really mean it when I say to be yourself as much as you can be. Regis is unique in the fact that they really look for people’s character during the interview, rather than solely admitting people for grades and GRE scores. When the faculty asks you questions, they are not seeking a right or wrong answer. They are seeking to learn who YOU are and how you communicate. 

Some advice is to look at the Regis website and see where the values of Regis fit into your life and how you can express that during interviews.  It is also a good idea to do a little bit of reading about our faculty on the website to learn about the work or research they do so that you can ask them any additional questions.  If you do feel stumped with a question, tell them.  Ask them if you can have a minute to gather your thoughts because they appreciate that a lot more than a made-up on the spot answer.

Q: Is there a chance to meet current students?

A: YES! Expect an email soon with the details. From 6-8pm on both interview days, we will have a meet-and-greet off campus for prospectives to meet with current students. I hope to see you all there! That being said, this is by no means mandatory and not attending will not affect your admission to the program.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Lindsay and Carol

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