Leadership Through Service: A Student Perspective

Name: Amber Bolen, Class of 2019 Service Representative Undergrad: University of Oregon Hometown: Eugene, OR Fun Fact: In college I spontaneously gained the ability to wiggle my ears. Hi everyone! My name is Amber and I am the Regis DPT Class of 2019’s Service Representative. Being the service rep for my class means that I … Continue reading Leadership Through Service: A Student Perspective

Regis DPT Students Present: “LGBT+ 101”

  Regis University first-year DPT students Felix Hill, Hannah Clark, and Taylor Tso recently held a session for their classmates entitled “LGBT+ 101 for Student Physical Therapists.” The presentation covered foundational terminology and concepts related to LGBTQIA+ communities, a brief overview of LGBT+ healthcare disparities, as well as tips for making clinical spaces more inclusive. Here … Continue reading Regis DPT Students Present: “LGBT+ 101”

5 Ways to Make Your Summer Last Longer

Name: Evan Piché, Class of 2018 Undergrad: Colorado State University Graduate: Masters in Public Policy Fun Fact: I'm an ordained minister (thanks, Universal Life Church). Hometown: Holyoke, MA The air is starting to get crisper, your neighbors are raking the first leaves into huge piles that just beg to be jumped into, Instagram posts contain things like #pumpkinspice, and--of course--decorative … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Summer Last Longer