Leadership Through Service: A Student Perspective

Name: Amber Bolen, Class of 2019 Service Representative Undergrad: University of Oregon Hometown: Eugene, OR Fun Fact: In college I spontaneously gained the ability to wiggle my ears. Hi everyone! My name is Amber and I am the Regis DPT Class of 2019’s Service Representative. Being the service rep for my class means that I … Continue reading Leadership Through Service: A Student Perspective

Meet Maggie McKenna: Why Regis?

Name: Maggie McKenna, Class of 2019 Undergrad: University of Dayton Hometown: LaGrange, IL Fun Fact: I've been skydiving twice! Deciding where to go for a Doctor of Physical Therapy education is a big, life-changing decision…but also a very exciting one! Unlike some of my classmates, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for at first, so my decision … Continue reading Meet Maggie McKenna: Why Regis?